Daily Diary - 24th December 2017

Well, what a lazy day. We were so active all day yesterday that we really never got out of the house today. That’s what I meant by lazy, lazy for the kids.

In reality, for us, the parents, the ever working couple, we’ve still had quite a busy day - even though we never really left it (other than to pick up our turkey order from the butchers).

A day for preparation

Today was a day to prepare for the mayhem of tomorrow. This preparation consisted of cleaning lots and lots of the older toys out of the way, cleaning up the bedrooms and so on, just to make room for all the new stuff that is about to come out. Tomorrow we have to make room (again) for all this new stuff and to do that, some of the old stuff had to go…

So, it wasn’t that lazy.

Turkey prepared

I say turkey, we actually buy a large turkey breast from the butchers. We find that this, which is very big in size, goes around us all perfect. We’re not too worried about having a large leg each. So, this was prepared with some butter and lots of bacon. Now it's sitting in the fridge, in a tin tray, just waiting for tomorrow to go in.

All other prep will be done tomorrow - I’m sure I will mention that tomorrow.

Snacky party food for evening

So, we said to our daughter (well we said this yesterday) - what would you like for today's dinner. We can have a nice takeaway, we do like a nice takeaway. She turned around and said - ‘We have to have party food’. So little sausages, pizza, all that kind of thing. Damn, we we’re looking forward to a nice takeaway. So, there we had it. Christmas eve dinner was party food.

After which, they had to have their bath time. See, what we do is, they get ready for bed by having a bath - then we have some Christmas eve boxes that consist of some new pajamas, some popcorn, and bits, they then get to watch a movie - this year we rented out from Amazon the Emoji movie. This is the last thing of the day before they go to bed and, try to, go to sleep… So that we can do the big move around - I had a sensory table to construct for little Mr. for one of his pressies - that was fun.

So, then it was bedtime

Bedtime came at 8pm. Sleep time was - well a lot later than we wanted. For little Mr. it was the usual routine for us. Sleep finally happened at around 10:15pm - for both of them (not so little Miss. was probably too excited to sleep).

Then it was down to the real work. Built an IKEA sensory table and made ready the room for the morning. We're totally knackered now - always a tiring time of year for parents.

Hope you all have a fantastic tomorrow - and I will update on ours tomorrow evening.

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