Daily Diary - 24th April 2018

Got to sleep in till 7am...

Dentist this morning

Little Mr woke up at 6:45am, I know as I heard him go downstairs and start to play. I got up at 7am and went down to sort out his breakfast. We had to get ahead of the game today as little Mr had a dentist appointment.

He had his breakfast, had a play then got ready. Brushed teeth then off to his dentist.

Not happy

Thing is, little Mr does not like doctors, dentist, anywhere there is a surgery type environment. So he was happy in the waiting room, but as soon as in the dentist - well..

The great thing is, we had a different dentist this time and she was fantastic. She really worked with little Mr to calm him down - spending 15 minutes or so just calming. We didn't get him in the chair, but she managed to look at his teeth.

Looking like our appointments will be changing to every 3 months to try and help him get confidence in the dentist.

Then it was off to school for little Mr.

Work.. work, work

So, got home and I were working from home for a few hours. Was a good few hours. Then it was off to the office. The day was drizzle and that really explained my mood.

That said work was over quite quickly.

Home, dinner, karate and all that jive

Not so little Miss was at Karate when I got home. So, it was dinner time for me, followed by a game or two with little Mr. The time went quick and it was soon time for me to pick up not so little Miss.

When I got home, it was time for little Mr to goto bed. He went up at 8:15pm tonight and took an hour to nod off. I'm hoping he has a good nights sleep - me too. Before that, time for some adult TV and quite time 🙂

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