Daily Diary - 23rd January 2018

It's funny how she doesn't want to miss school

So, yesterday my daughter was off school ill. Today, even though still with a sore throat but temperature gone, she played up to go to school. In the end, she did.

It all started when we were woke up. Not so little Miss apparently woke at around 5:30am (so she said) and proceeded to watch some programs on her TV. Little Mr woke at about 7am and proceeded downstairs. Lucky we heard as he was sitting at the table waiting for his breakfast - his daily routine start.

So, breakfast for them both as not so little Miss was feeling better than yesterday. We checked her temperature and although close high-normal, it was not over what is considered a temperature. We suggested one more day off school but we got a mini-meltdown as she wanted to go.

One day off was more than she wanted, so she definitely wanted to go back today. After more checking and meltdown we finally agreed to let her go in. If we hadn't then she would have been playing up all day.

So, off they both went to school.

And I went off to work - o boy...

So, after the school run, I went off to work. Today was a good day I feel, I got stuff done and it went fairly quick. I won't bore with the details.

About 3pm my wife picked up the kids. When she picked up our daughter, she said she had a sore throat... See, should have had the day off. That said, she still wanted to do Karate - so we let her do the first hour (the lighter hour) and she didn't do her second hour (their intense hour for her grade).

Back home and bed

So, when she came back we started the transition to bed. First, it was get little Mr ready. Next, it was me running over to the shop for some Lockets. On return, little Mr went to bed, around 7:45pm. Lately, at school and home, he has been too energetic. He's having these giggly meltdowns (different from crying) and he usually throws himself down on the floor as a dead-weight and turns around laughing and giggle.

This was what he was like again at bedtime. Often you just have to give no reaction and let him do it. We can't give him the feedback he seeks by doing this as he gets worst. So, by the time he had tired out and gone to sleep it was 9:30pm before he finally went off... Phew.

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