Daily Diary - 23rd February 2018

It’s Friday, It’s Friday, everyone loves Friday...

Woke up at 5am - yikes

Woke up at 5am this morning, I had a backache. when I was getting little Mr ready for bed last night I managed to twist my back a little - so, at 5am I woke up with a pain in my lower back. Typical really.

We have this massage roller thing I got off Amazon, so that was run over it to ease it a little and managed to get back to sleep for an hour - until the little Mr alarm clock that is. Back up just after 7am, downstairs, breakfasts and crash out on the sofa. Just kept singing to myself 't’s Friday, It’s Friday, everyone loves Friday’ which is something I used to hear on a couple of YouTube channels.

Anyhow, got dressed myself, kids got dressed and off down on the school walk. At least it’s Friday.

Had to go into the office

So, get back from school walk and I really wanted to work from home. Unfortunately, I had a meeting I had to attend in person, so had to go into the office. Never mind. Did some work stuff. Found it difficult to sit for long periods without my lower back hurting - so was up and down half the day. Still, managed to get through it all. Also managed to listen to the end of one of my audiobooks and start on the next (of which I also have the hard copy of).

Back home for Indian Takeaway

So, tonight was Karate night for not so little Miss. She and little Mr had Pizza early on, so when I got back me and the wife had a takeaway. Yum yum. It went down quite nice… Little Mr had some cereal for his supper as we ate - stop him after our food. All went down rather well. Then it was time to go pick up not so little Miss from her Karate - and put little Mr to bed.

He went up to bed at 7:50pm tonight and was asleep by 8:20pm; so little Mr must have been knackered today. Well, he did have swimming etc.

Time for me to do some more website stuff I think...

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