Daily Diary - 23rd April 2018

Early to rise...

Woke up at 6am

Seems, today was another early to rise for little Mr. He woke me up at 6am when he wanted his breakfast, but I could tell from downstairs he'd been up for a while.

So, downstairs I had strolled, in that semi-awake, not wanting to be awake, state you get in the morning. Made him some breakfast and chilled in the soft, comfortable armchair.

When he had finished his cereal and juice, I put on some TV and snoozed for a little while.

Everyone else got up

Around 7:30am everyone else got up and started to get ready. Not so little Miss had some cereal. I got little Mr ready. Then 8:30am it was school time.

After I had dropped in not so little Miss, I went off to work - boo...

The day was a strange one, though it wasn't too much of a long one so that was good.

Got back little later

I eventually got back in around 6:30pm, around 30 minutes later than normal. So, I gave little Mr a little attention, not so little Miss was doing her own thing.

Then it was time to put him to bed. I feared it would be difficult. 7:30pm he went up. He tried to evade me and run downstairs a couple of times, but then he started to settle down and the sleepiness mush have washed over him.

He finally nodded off around 8:30pm which was good. Gave us some parent quiet time.

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