Daily Diary 22nd April 2018

Daily Diary – 22nd April 2018

In by Sean

So knackered yesterday, it was a day off

7am Start on a Sunday

Today was an early start for a Sunday. Yesterday, we were busy and that combined with a few things knackered me out – enough so that I just rested instead of posting an update.

The tiredness continued into today, I really just wanted to snooze but had to get up. So, I rolled out of bed, walked downstairs in that semi-awake state we all have, and made some breakfast for little Mr.

It was then crash out on the sofa for a bit.

Out for a walk…

The morning was going a bit slow and restful, so we thought it was time to go and burn some energy. So, we went to one of our favourite walking places and spent a few hours stretching the legs.

We finished off with a nice ice cream for everyone.

Nice Sunday roast

After a lovely lunch, we did a few bits and bobs with the kids. Not so little Miss had a little bit of homework to finish off and little Mr played a few fun games.

Then it was time to start the Sunday roast, the tradition. Of course, I really had about as much energy as a flat battery on a rainy day, but it had to be done.

Dinner done and ate, even some yummy pudding – so it was time for little Mr’s bath.

Bath and bed

So, he loves his bath and he likes making a mess too. Was running a little late today, so around 7pm before he got in there. Like a water babe, he splashed around until around 7:20pm when we had to get him out.

Dried and dressed, he went downstairs. He started to get a little bit tired and mischievous, so it was off to bed at around 8pm.

That said, he decided he didn’t want to sleep, so it was ‘fetch him back up from downstairs’ until

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