Daily Diary 21st February 2018

Daily Diary – 21st February 2018

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Hump day…

No jumping on the legs

My wake up call this morning was more my wife’s elbow in the ribs and no jumping on my legs. We managed to get to sleep in till 7:30am without the usual wake up alarm which was good, for my legs anyhow.

Once up it was into the routine of, downstairs, make breakfast, kids drinks, though forgot my own coffee this morning – something I was going to regret until I got to work I can tell you.

Did the school walk, then jumped in my car, drove 300 yards and stopped. Traffic… The fun of traffic.

Work, work, what a.. well work

Got to work, did some work. Thinking towards lunchtime – then over the hump of the week (well Wednesday is hump day) and now its all downhill to the weekend.

Work stuff was work stuff. Didn’t really get any time for lunch per say – though did catch up on some listening – I tend to listen to informative audiobooks as well as podcasts. The workday finished and I did that wonderful 20 minutes walk. Drove for 1 mile and stopped. Yes, more traffic.

Seems, that, down here at the moment they have roadworks everywhere.

Home for dinner and bedtime routine

Eventually got home and had my dinner. Always cooled down lots when I get home, most of the time I just don’t bother rewarming. Still, ate that, had some fun time. Then it was bedtime for little Mr.

Time for that put him to bed at 7:30pm and keep back and forth until 8:45pm when he nodded off. Phew, early really. So, as my wife is watching the TV, think its the Brits tonight?, I can do a little research…

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