Daily Diary - 20th February 2018

Another day, another jumped on legs

It must seem like I repeat myself

I sometimes wonder if I am in that movie, well there are a few as it goes, where they repeat the same day over. I don’t repeat the same day completely, I just get woke up the same way - with my legs being jumped and sat on. It’s certainly a wake-up call you can’t ignore.

So, as in groundhog day and that other movie Tom Cruise was in, I get up, go downstairs, make breakfast for little Mr, look at the same and wonder why I am up so early 🙂

Breakfast ate. He played a little while I chilled on the sofa - had some spare time. Then coffee made and drank, kids ready for school and it was the school walk...

I ho, I ho, it's off to work I go

Off to work with a spring in my step - sorry - off to work… no spring. Parked up and walked in. I already knew it was going to be a busy day as I most of it filled with meetings. O the joy...

Still, the day went quite quickly as I was so busy - well apart from the last 2 hours or so; still catching up on my sleep from the weekend so its difficult once everything was completed. Still, work finished then off to meet my wife and little Mr at not so little Miss Karate.

Off for a bit of shopping; and a cheeky cake and coffee - all before my cold dinner ya.

Bedtime rock...

Got home and let little Mr have some time watching his nursery rhymes on YouTube. I knew he wasn’t going to be going to bed very easy tonight. So, let him chill and get a little energy out of his system. He was having fun over on the sofa.

Then it was bedtime. The bedtime routine is always a fun/frustrating time. He really fights the going to sleep lark - even when he is totally knackered. So, we put him to bed at 8:30pm.

One meltdown later and an hour, he finally gave into his tiredness and went to sleep at around 9:20pm. He really fights going to sleep - which is why went on our first visit to the sleep clinic a few weeks ago. Hoping they can help with his bedtime antics 🙂

Right, time to do some cleanup bits.

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