Daily Diary - 1st March 2018

Today was a snow day...

Woke up to snow today

I was awoken this morning by an elbow in my ribs and my wife saying - ‘“look at it outside”? Yes, the snow had fallen. And when bagpus wakes, so do all the mice. In other words, once I was woken the kids decided to come into the room and sit on my legs - just to make sure I were awake and ready to go downstairs to do breakfast.

'We will fix it’ as the mice used to say, well in my case it was I will make the breakfast. So, kids had their cereal. In the meantime, we had 2 separate text messages from both the kid's schools - both were off.

Lovely. That said, I looked outside and then at the forecast. It wasn't too bad, though a little traffic and sleet - but the forecast said it would get worse through the day - and for once I believed it.

So, I worked from home

So today, I worked from home, which happened to be the best choice. The snow did fall, not as bad as some places, but bad enough to cause lots of issues with the traffic.

Personally, I tried to stay out of the car, though I did have to run to the local McD for lunch - well had to be done. Not so bad at lunchtime, busy there. As the afternoon went on though it got worse.

My wife took the kids out for a little walk at Upton Country Park - though little Mr didn't want to stay too long.

Out in the snow

When back, my wife took not so little Miss out on the sledge in the snow while little Mr stayed with me. I was working still - so multi-tasking. As I was working from home, time went quickly and it was soon time to log off.

Dinner for the kids was next on the agenda - and then... I had to go out in the code to pick up some bits we needed.

Was a cold walk, My wellies were in the car which I had parked in a safe spot 5 mins walk away. Luckily, the walking shoes I have are quite warm and waterproof (to an extent) - so I did have dry feet.

It was strangely quiet walking up. There were cars, they were all queued, but the parts of the road beyond them had no other cars driving down them, or least only about 1 or 2. This is the main road, so it seemed very quiet in the snow. When I got to the shop it was fairly busy, with more things disappearing from the shelves. Still, got our bits and went home.

Time for bed

When I got back it was time to get little Mr ready for bed. I took him up at 7:30pm tonight He had an earlier start so I was hoping... However, still took him till 9:45pm to go to sleep. Quite late for my dinner 🙂

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