Daily Diary - 1st January 2018

First day of the new years

So, 1st January 2018 ah. It truly is amazing how much faster the years are going now. I do remember as a kid, when going to school, how slow it all seemed. These days I look at each year and it's like an ever increasing speed of them going by?

Anyhow, this is the year of change I've decided. I never set New Year's resolutions - I just plan to succeed and this year, its all about that. Its all about making this blog bigger, better, pushing it forward. Looking at things I can get involved in and get out of that day to day grind.

Its also about working on my knowledge of WordPress and Thesis to try and push that part too. Those are the goals - and I even wrote them down today.

Too early a wake-up

Although I wasn't drinking last night, I did get to bed a little later - have to let in the New Year and all that. So, an earlier wakeup this morning was not the best 🙂  Having a sleep in on the first day of the new year would have been better.

That said, tomorrow, 2nd, the schools here are back - though little Mr goes back on Wednesday because of teacher training. Hopefully, back into that routine will mean more tired kids. More routine on the night. Me getting up at the usual time as also got work. Back to a routine.

Christmas dec's away

Today we put away the Christmas decorations. Yep, before school starts tomorrow we wanted to be clear. They all got taken down and put up in the loft ready for next Christmas now.

It's nice to have the front room back, and again, back to normal.

Nice cooked lunch

Next task was to cook a nice (Sunday) bank holiday roast. Yum Yum. Little Mr loves his roast and this was something to set us up for the planned walk in the outdoors we had planned.

We didn't even clear up after, just dropped the pans and went out, off to the New Forest for a New Years Day walk.

Walk of mud

It was a muddy walk. We spent around 45-50 minutes strolling around. Lucky we all had wellies (after I bought some the other day) as it was VERY muddy. It was just fantastic to get out, even if a little chilly and windy.

McDonald's, Home then bed

So, after our walk, we treated the kids to a McDonald's and McFlurry. Yep, they wanted ice cream. That said, we did just walk around for a while so it was a treat (they had probably walked it off with strolling through that mud).

Then it was off home, changed, played for a little and bed at 8pm. We want to start that routine after all. That said, it was still 10:10pm before he finally gave in and went to sleep. He was a bit hyperactive tonight. So, now just a few things and then bed as its work tomorrow doh.

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