Daily Diary - 1st April 2018

I’m to going to pull an April fools...

Last full day

Today was going to be a our last full day of this Easter weekend break. The weekends here at Butlins are arrive Friday and leave Monday, so you get half day on Friday and Monday, then all day Saturday and Sunday.

We had a lot to do, on top of which was Easter. We didn’t really think of it as April fools day and don’t worry - I’m not going to pull any April fools here too.

We woke up nice and early, though not as early as yesterday. Got ready and went for breakfast around 9am. Nice bit of sausage, egg and bacon. They even had hot cross buns today.

Then it’s as back to the room for chocolate it seemed.

They got the taste for it

Funny thing is, a few weeks back little Mr gagged at chocolate. He seemed to get a hate for it and almost was sick each time he tried some. Not today though...

Both he and his sister ate an egg and the accompaning chocolate. We only bought 1 egg each with us, left the others at home. We also brought some smaller eggs as we did thing about doing an Easter egg hunt around the room - but didn’t.

Then, when fed on chocolate - we went out for a walk and onto the fair for a little while. Today was a nice dry day - at least for the most parts of the day (not the evening for sure) - so the fair was full, but we got on some of the fun rides.

We also did the Easter egg fun thing here, it’s not so much a hunt as y ou go and find 4 points where you count the eggs in the pictures. You get numbers for each and the they spell out a word. Then you take it along to claim a chocolate egg prize. More chocolate.

Soon it was dinner

The time went really quick and soon it was dinner time. Not Easter special tonight it seems. Still, some lovely dinner choices.

We had planned that after dinner, and a rest, we would go to the pool party. Basically from 7-9 the swimming pool was open and they were playing music.

We all went along and little Mr lasted for the first hour. At 8 I brought him back and left my wife and not so little Miss to enjoy the last hour.

Me and little Mr went back and chilled in the room. My wife came back just after 9, hey got ready and went out with some others in our party. That was good as it meant quiet time to get little Mr chilled for bed.

He went to bed at about 10pm tonight and was asleep by 10:15pm. That gave me some time to catch up on a few bits I’d missed and time to write this post - hurrah.

Tomorrow we head home, so back off the iPad and onto my computer for daily posting.

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