Daily Diary 19th December 2017

Daily Diary – 19th December 2017

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Why was it so difficult to get up today? I didn’t sleep in or anything, I just found it difficult to get up and out of the door to work. Maybe partly down to the frost outside – and on my car… Still, I managed to do it.

Work was still work

Nothing really changes with work, well it does as we have different things to do. What I mean is, work is work. Not something I can talk about, and to be honest I wouldn’t want to bore everyone anyhow. All that needs to be said is that I went in this morning, did my day and finished around 5pm.

Then it was off to go shopping while not so little Miss was doing her Karate.

Shopping – O boy

Well, it’s shopping after all. Little Mr. was very good to be fair. It can be hit or miss at times, but the majority of the time he is fine with us going shopping. As long as we keep moving and don’t spend 10 minutes stopped in one place (not to self, wife, daughter, and anyone else involved).

We finished on time and it was – hop – skip – jump into my car while my wife went to pick up our daughter from over the road.

When back, little Mr. was quite happy – maybe partly down to his supper. Though he was a bit lively to go to bed… and when we took him to bed he was a bit lively then.

Bedtime too a while

As in the title, bedtime took a while. It was a bit of a longer process – well, it usually is. I’ve maybe said it before, but, end of Jan we have a sleep clinic appointment and so we’re hoping they can help.

He jumped, played, cried and various other things until he finally nodded off. It’s all about being consistent, showing the bed card, not letting him dictate anything other than bed at the end of the day – just like any other child when its bedtime. He knows whats expected – and if he didn’t go to sleep he would be far more worse for wear in the morning (so to speak). He finally nodded off around 10pm (phew).

Other than some housework bits – a successful day completed.

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