Daily Diary - 19th April 2018

Discovered little Mr sleeping downstairs.

Woke up for 7:30am

Woke up at a regular time and walked downstairs as not so little Miss was heading that way for her breakfast. I got down to the living room and found little Mr asleep in the armchair, wrapped up in one of the throw type blankets we have. He was like a little hampster hibernating. So, I made not so little Miss her cereal and waited for the noise to of the spring day to wake him - or the noise of his sister anyhow.

He was soon to wake and it was time for me to do his breakfast. After breakfast, we got him dressed in his school uniform - with short today though to take advantage of the warm spring day ahead (it is still spring right?).

Time for school

The morning went quick, probably that spring we have in our steps... Soon it was time for the school runs. My wife too little Mr and I walked in with not so little Miss.

Then, when back, it was time for me to get off to work - boo. Stuck in an office when its nice outside is never good.

Didn't go quick 🙁

I'd like to say that the day went quick, like Wile E. Coyote chasing that Road Runner, but it didn't. What with it being warm outside and inside as well as it being work...

Still, when it was 5:30pm I was out that door and into the sunshine. I had my 20 minutes stole up to the car and enjoyed every minute of it.

Bath time

Got back home halfway through little Mr's bathtime. So, I ate my dinner and went up to help with him. He enjoys baths, but it can give him too much sensory input. So, he gets a bit active during and after his bath.

So, when done, it was dressed and downstairs for some supper and play, to get that energy levels down. He played for some time, up until it was time for bed. He went up to bed at 8pm tonight, hoping for an easy night. Like pigs flying, it wasn't. Took until 9:15pm to get him to go to sleep. Running in and out of his bedroom like he was a boomerang... The night is ours, what's left of it.

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