Daily Diary - 18th March 2018

Wake up to a snow morning.

We got to sleep in

This morning we got to sleep in until 7:50am. I thought we may make 8am , but we didn’t. On getting up I poked my head out of the blind and saw snow on the ground. I had thoughts of it being another snow day...

Went downstairs and did the kids their breakfast. It was supposed to be an advance karate day today, but it got cancelled due to the adverse weather (their words). So, that kind of put off what we had planned for today. We were going to take not so little Miss, then walk up to New Milton town and grab a coffee. However, plans had to change.

And then… the snow melted

As the morning went on, the snow started to melt away - at least on the road, it wasn’t that deep anyhow. In the end, we could have gone over to the karate session - but you never know which way it was heading.

So, not so little Miss finished off her homework. We had lunch and then went up to Waitrose for a coffee and to do a little shopping for dinner.

With successfully grabbing free coffee and the goods we needed, it was a bitterly cold walk back down the road. That walk made us decide that we would be staying in for the rest of the day 🙂

He looks for his desert

A nice Sunday roast today, even though I say so myself after cooking. The funny thing is that little Mr comes into the kitchen after looking for his desert. So, ice cream all round - well Viennetta for us - we do like some of that.

When done, tidy up of little Mr was to get him into his bath. Well, clean up time before school tomorrow (as long as we don't have lots of snow overnight and they close it of course). He loves his baths, though we usually end up cleaning up a little after - water on the floor etc.

Most people will probably have a routine of bath then bed but for us, it's a different routine. Bath time gives him too much sensory stimulation to go straight to bed - he loves water. So, once bath was done its an hour of play and music to get his energy out of him.

Soon we were knackered ourselves, so we were happy when it was bedtime. Tonight it was 7:30pm for bedtime. He must have been tired at that point too as he was asleep by 8pm. Means some time to chill out for just me and my wife.. not something that happens often.

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