Daily Diary - 17th March 2018

I think he’s been storing up his energy!

Middle of the night wakeup

So, little Mr has been ill for the last few days, I mentioned that. As he has just been snoozing for 2 days and going to bed on time, I think he’s been storing up his energy.

Today he woke us up at 3:30am... full of energy really. We ended up bringing him downstairs and let him play. 4:30am we put on the TV. 5am we gave him a little bit of breakfast.

You may have guessed, he never went back to sleep. He was full of energy, we were not 🙂

Everyone up by 7

By 7am everyone was up. No so little Miss had Karate today so after breakfast, she got herself ready. Then she and my wife headed off to that at just after 10am while me and little Mr went out for a walk.

It had been the first time in a few days since he had been out, so he was happy. Though it was a little chilly, to say the least. We walked up the road to the shops, got some bits and came back. I wasn’t going to keep him out for too long.

The radio was talking snow, here potentially from 4am. They were wrong, it actually started to snow at around 12:15pm

And then... the noise began

Not so little Miss came back with my wife, and that's when it got noisy. Our daughter is not a quiet one for sure, singing is shouting really.

With the weather a little colder, we had a chill afternoon in, well other than a shop trip I had to make. It was time to watch a little TV, listen to some radio and have some play time. Little Mr was certainly feeling better today as he was jumping all over us.

Then at about 4:30pm he crashed out on the sofa - early morning wake-up catching up.

We are not vegetarians here and at dinner time it was steak and chips - some sausages for little Mr. He's not really eating still at the moment so that went without a bite - though part of that may be because we had to wake him. Then at 6pm or so he wanted something, so he had some cereal.

The problem with him having a sleep was he got re-energised. He continued to be a cheeky little boy and play way into the evening. It turned out to be a late one as it was 10pm before he finally went to bed. Though, that turned out to be a good thing as he was flat out by 10:20pm even with all that extra energy.

The snow still falls outside, though its not settled... yet...

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