Daily Diary 17th January 2018

Daily Diary – 17th January 2018

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Today started with a trampoline session

Being woken by a quite sturdy 5-year-old jumping on you while sleeping certainly wakes you up quick. That’s what happens quite often, and today was one of those often. So, it was get up, downstairs, breakfast done. I then had 5 minutes to chill till not so little Miss came downstairs looking for her breakfast too.

Then it was school uniforms and off to school run. I did little Mr’s today as I was meeting my wife at the dealers as her car was in for a service. So, busy morning then off to work from home. Ya.

Mixed amount done…

Today seemed to be one of those days. the sort where you get a mixed amount of things done. You have some points where you seem to have a breakthrough and get loads complete – then the next hour you don’t seem to do anything at all.

The good thing is that the car went through no problems. So, that’s always nice to know.

Schools our, for the night

Kids came home. Chaos came with them. Sometimes it seems like a whirlwind or tornado has entered the house. I think most of us can relate to that. With little Mr’s sensory needs, we usually find his ripped up card or pasta or some other thing he is sensory playing with all over the place. Tidy tidy tidy…

Dinner, bath and bed

Dinner was early for me tonight, not for the kids. That’s really because I was home working. My wife and not so little Miss went off out to find some new trainers, so myself and little Mr stayed home, it was bath time for him. He enjoys his bath, sensory play with water too. Though does mean lots of wet things after.

After the bath, he had some TV time and supper then it was off to bed, 7:45pm tonight. Of course, games started which means he actually went to sleep at 9:15pm. Another successful bedtime’ish. Its successful when he goes to sleep.

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