Daily Diary - 17th February 2018

I’m writing this on my new small portable computing device

Saturday morning non lie in

So, Saturday morning, usually the first day of the weekend when you would get a lie in. Not us, well not me anyhow. Early morning wake up call by my legs being jumped on - I’m quite used to it now really.

So, I got up and went downstairs to do breakfasts. Little Mr soon got through his and started playing. Not so little Miss had hers and my wife sent me a text to sort hers in bed - cheeky one.

Breakfast done, time for a coffee and a rest - well that’s what I was hoping, not really what happened.

Clean up time

Was time to do a bit of clean and tidy for an hour or so. I didn’t mind though as I was waiting for the postman to arrive with a new toy for me. See, I recently sold my windows tablet as it was a bit too big for the portable purpose I wanted. It was really powerful with a Core M3 processor, 4Gb ram, and a 12” screen - which is why it was a bit big.

So, I used that money to get myself an eBay special. Second-hand iPad Mini 4. I also bought a Logitech Bluetooth keyboard case. The idea is its a small powerful machine to blog on. I have an offline blogging app I can write in, then post later.

In fact, I’ve been writing this post on said iPad Mini with the case and keyboard, Great combo, though still getting used to the slightly smaller keyboard.

So, back on track. Cleaned up, postman arrived and so we took the kids down the local recreation ground for them to play. Not so little Miss played on her bike, while little Mr played on his scooter.

Time for lunch

So, after about 40 minutes of fun, we headed back up to home as it was lunchtime. Simple and easy lunch really - just some soup and rolls. Usually, little Mr loves a bit of soup, but today he seemed to just want the rolls. Usually the way. Once done, everyone seemed to be a bit chilled. We didn’t really want to go out again, so little Mr and not so little Miss played, watched TV and all those bits. I did a bit of tidying and setting up on the iPad Mini. My wife decided she wanted to pop out to the shop - so really chilled.

About 4pm we decided to pop up to the local Waitrose to sort out some stuff for dinner, and to partake in their free coffee. We often go there and get cheaper cookies in their cafe and have a coffee etc. Kids just have water most of the time. So, we did that which was nice. Then decided that we would prefer takeaway for dinner - so we did that too.

Got the Chinese takeaway. Stuffed ourselves.Chilled out a bit. That was quite important as I have to work a bit tomorrow, starting at 4am - yikes. So chilling was good.

Then it was 8pm and time to take little Mr to bed. Wanted to try and get him to sleep. Took till 9:45pm for him to go to sleep. Now, to relax as up for 4am 🙂

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