Daily Diary 17th April 2018

Daily Diary – 17th April 2018

In by Sean

Sleep in until 7am today

Back to school little Mr

Tuesday and little Mr was back to school today. We were ready for some issues and meltdowns because of the change. Started a little when we changed him in the morning into his uniform. After 2 weeks off, it was yet another change. Although we think, once back into the routine he will get back into loving it.

So, after the little bit of an upset start – when it came time to go he was waiting at the door.

School walk with not so little Miss

So, I walked down to the school with not so little Miss and dropped her off at the gate. Then I headed off into the office – joy o joy.

To be honest, the day went fairly quickly and it was soon time to go home. It was Karate night for not so little Miss, so when I got back it was just my wife and little Mr.

Little bit miserable

Little Mr was a little bit up and down, a little bit miserable when I got home. It was a change of routine again today and one of the TA’s had left and a new one started. So with all the change, we expected him to be a little up and down.

He may also have been a little bit tired too. So we let him play and have some music on till 8:30pm when it was bedtime. Took him an hour to nod off in the end…

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