Daily Diary - 16th March 2018

Welcome to Friday...

I would have hoped for sleep

With a sick little man, I would have hoped he would have slept in, to recover. No such thing with little Mr. He was up and downstairs around 6:30am. Though he basically moved from his bd down to the sofa and lay down. Once there he was there for the day.

I made him some Weetbix which he had about 5 mouthfuls of. He also drank a little water - well that was a plus from yesterday. So, I filled out the form to say he wouldn’t be in school and let him lay down on the sofa.

Not so little Miss got ready for school and my wife took her in. Then when back home, I headed to the office to get some work done.

Back home for lunch

Come lunchtime, I packed up my bits and headed back home. As little Mr was still not too well and as it was book day at my daughter's school, I came back so that my wife could go down and walk not so little Miss around the book sale.

It’s nice working from home when it’s lunchtime as I can have a nice warmer lunch. So got back and enjoyed that. Little Mr was a little perkier by then, though still just sitting on the sofa. He had eaten a couple of biscuits and drank some water so on his way up - though wouldn’t take any calpol.

My wife picked up our daughter, did the bookstall (not so little Miss bought a book) and came home. Good job as I was just about to take a call.

Karate night

Work finished and we had some pizza, then it was time for not so little Miss to goto Karate. Meantime me and little Mr chilled to at home. He watched a bit of TV while resting. He didn’t eat his pizza so I made him some more cereal which he ate. I thought he may go to sleep on time tonight, so I brought him up at 7:45pm and he was asleep by 8.

So, that gave us time to rest and chill after another busy day.

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