Daily Diary 15th March 2018

Daily Diary – 15th March 2018

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I got kicked out of bed for snoring…

I came downstairs at 5…

Basically, I do snore – but apparently last night it was bad – or just the fact that my wife couldn’t sleep through it. So I got woke up at 5am, so I went downstairs and lay down a little. I then got woken up at 6am when little Mr came down and lay on me.

So, we both lay there for an hour or so until I got up to do his breakfast. To my surprise he didn’t go eat it, just lay down. He was looking a little lethargic on the sofa. So we took his temperature and he had a slight temp. So today we going to be a sick day.

Still, not so little Miss got ready and my wife walked her to school.

He mostly slept on and off

Through the morning, little Mr slept on and off. I worked from home as my wife had an appointment or two to attend. It’s a good job I did as he was sick a few times. Well, through the day it was probably about 5 times…

My wife just can’t handle sick. Me, well, when I was a kid it would make me heave but not these days. I can have it on my hands and it just doesn’t phase me – since having kids. To be honest, I’ve been covered in projectile vomit from the kids so many times…

So, I stripped and redressed little Mr around 5 times today. washed a number of blankets and ended up scrubbing the flemmy vomit off one of the sofa cushions – to be washed tomorrow now.

My wife picked up not so little Miss after school and then had to go for a blood test.

I did the dinner

So, I did not so little Miss her dinner and made little Mr some toast, which he started to eat. Great I thought, he also drank some water. Two things he hadn’t done during the day. I took his temp again at that point and it was 39.7c which is a high temp – even our thermometer was ren.

So, called the doctor and we got him in for a late appointment. Him being non-verbal means he can’t tell us much.

My wife got back and we immediately went out again, back to the same place she had just been. We got to see the doc at about 6:45pm in the end. Turns out no infection, at least not one they see, so possibly viral. So, we have to play it as it goes so to speak.

When we got home little Mr ate some cereal, bonus, and drank some water. Then we put him to bed around 8:30pm after we had let the good go down. As he was a little off colour he was asleep by 9pm. We’re just hoping there is no middle of the night wakeup or drama.

After that we chilled out a little, resting from the day we just had.

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