Daily Diary - 15th January 2018

Today little Mr came home the green hands monster. Hands covered in food dye.

Early call for breakfast

Today it was an early call for breakfast, getting us out of bed on a day we didn’t want to. Obviously we had to get up, get up for school run and then for work - we me anyhow. Breakfast went down well, kids got ready for school and we were out in time. Amazing, especially for a Monday.

Off to work then

What amazed me is that I drove to where I park for work. I have to walk about a mile, which I don’t mind as its a bit of exercise. Today though, there was slight showers until I parked, at which time it poured it down. So, there I was, walking the wet mile - as you can imagine, work didn’t start well. Soggy trousers and all.

The day went well and work finished - though I really were in a tired state for most of it. My dryer walk of a mile back to the car and drive home.

Little green hands monster

When I got home I was showed the photo of little Mr and his green hands. He’d been playing with sensory items of dyed rice - its not the first time he had dye on his hands. He was in a bit of an up and down mood when I got back, not sure if he was tired.

So, at 8:00pm he went to bed. Games went on till 9:30pm which was a bonus. Once in bed it gave me time to learn more and more about affiliate sites. I love to learn and I will be documenting it in this daily diary as I go along.

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