Daily Diary - 15th December 2017

Today started incredibly well

The kids were up on time, we ran to a perfect, well close to perfect, timeline of breakfasts, showers, dressed and all that stuff. We even got out on time and the kids were in school as the first bells rang.

It continued at work

I got to work at a good time, there were only half the people in so I got a nice desk (we don't have allocated desks). Then our manager in the US had arranged for us to have some pastries and cakes arrive - so lunchtime was nice. There was far too much with people out.

The rest of the workday went really well too. Nothing to really report.

After work started well

On top of that, after work started well. First of all, I managed to win an auction for a newer MacBook Pro (15" this time) - though at the top of my scale it looks like it's in nice condition - so that's how I wanted it.

Little Mr. was in a great mood and not so little Miss was doing her Karate - which she enjoys. He was laughing, enjoying himself. Then, when the shift changed and I brought him home he was in a really good mood...

It all changed at bedtime

Of course, bedtime changes everything. Not sure if he had too much stimulusĀ or if he just didn't want to go to bed - but he really didn't want to go to bed. Took an hour and a half, but finally, he gave in and went to sleep. Usual nighttime bedtime at the moment - though we got an appointment come through for a sleep clinic, so hopefully that will help.

So, now its time to catch up on some TV with the wife and have an hour or two before bed.

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