Daily Diary 15th April 2018

Daily Diary – 15th April 2018

In by Sean

Woke up with a stiff back

Slow walk downstairs

Yesterday, last night, I started to get a backache. I think it was down to the rides we did at Wonderland. I think I bashed it a little. Anyhow, this morning I woke up with a stiff back. What it meant was me moving around a bit slower, difficult to get up etc. Wasn’t really hurting, just stiff.

So, I walked slowly downstairs and did little Mr his breakfast. I then proceeded to sit on the sofa for a while – mainly because I couldn’t get up too easy.

Thinking about going to the car boot

The car boot had started again and we were thinking about going to one of them. We all got ready went out the door and it started raining. Well, that threw out that idea. So we all went into Bournemouth instead to do a bit of shopping.

Even though it was raining, it wasn’t in the shops 🙂 Little Mr handled them quite well, though he did have us stop for a juice break (not me or my wife though).

Well, he was doing so well, so he deserved a treat.

Back home for lunch

So, shopping done, it was time to head home for some lunch. We were hoping it would stop raining – of course, it didn’t. Little Mr and not so little Miss, I think, had had their fill our outside today. Well, with a few hours in town and the rain I can understand not craving to go back out in it.

So, lunch was done, fun and games played (with not so little Miss doing the pretend teenager thing of disappearing to her bedroom), we spent an enjoyable afternoon. Then it was time to good some dinner – I do love doing the Sunday roast.

Dinner done

Little Mr loves a good roast dinner. Even though we had a carvery yesterday too. It’s his favourite food choice a roast dinner. So, it was gone quite quick. Followed by a bowl of custard for dessert (we forgot to defrost the crumble).

He had quite a smug look on his face and food all down his clothes 🙂

Bathtime came next, though he isn’t back at school until Tuesday – not so little Miss is back tomorrow. Once done he played for a while – just to get the energy out.

Bedtime tonight was 9:10pm, though he had too much energy again. It certainly showed just how much energy he had as he was being a right little energy bunny. Took until 10pm for him to calm and nod off. Phew. Last night of a long weekend.

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