Daily Diary - 14th March 2018

The dreaded hump day

The bouncing alarm clock

So, I got woke up this morning at just after 6am by a 5-year-old jumping onto my legs. He’s quite a solid boy these days, all muscle it would seem, and it’s one hell of a wake-up call. So, when I had got him to stop sitting on me I got up and we went downstairs for his breakfast. We were followed not long after by not so little Miss.

Early wake-up, early breakfast, early TV programs, and of course it’s the dreaded hump day. Well, it’s not really dreaded, once past it you know it’s all downhill to the weekend. Ya. Though I am working a little of it, boo.

Time to get dressed

It’s amazing how quick the time goes, well before work. Soon it was time to get little Mr ready for school and not so little Miss went off to her room to get ready. Once done it was time for the school walk for me and not so little Miss while my wife too little Mr.

Then I had to goto work. I can’t really talk about work, as you may have noticed, it's part of my contract. I can say that it was slow today, one of those days it all goes slow. So I was glad when it was 5:30pm so I could go home.

Bathtime, supper and bed

When I got home little Mr was already in the bath. He enjoys his bath and tends to slash a lot. Once done it was time for a little pre-bedtime playtime. Just something light so as not to get him over excited. A little toast for some supper and a little more chill time.

Then it was bedtime. Bedtime tonight was at 8:30pm by the time he had settled, and would you believe it - he was asleep by 9pm. Woohoo...

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