Daily Diary 14th January 2018

Daily Diary – 14th January 2018

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Working 9-5; no not the song; during the week means that the weekend seems to go so fast. What’s going on with that?

Sunday and advanced Karate course day for not so little Miss meant that me and little Mr got the opportunity to go out – though more on that in a short while.

Up early for breakfast again

What is wrong kids – why not sleep in on a weekend. Why get me up at 7am 🙂 Yep, today was a wake up at 7am day again. Downstairs, breakfast, me with a coffee. Still, I did get 5 minutes piece to drink it, no wait, I didn’t. It was butler dad service I think.

Breakfast is done, time for not so little Miss to get Karate kit on and go with my wife. Then time for me and little Mr to go out.

One day…

As to plan, I took little Mr over to Bournemouth Aviation Museum. This is to get him used to the space on the plane for later this year. This is going well, and whats even better is now he’s going into things such as the cockpits of the planes. He used to cry, today he was playing with the helicopter yoke (is that what they are called?

One day I will fly one of these

One day I will fly one of these

He loved it.

Lunch went down a treat

Then it was soon lunchtime and that went down a treat, even if I do say so myself (I cooked it). Nice bit of pork with potatoes and veg, yum yum. Then a nice bit of apple strudel with custard. O what a treat.

Sure the kids thought so to, even though messy, which meant me running up to do baths. It’s the Sunday ritual time. Lunch, bath, light dinner then bed…

Bedtime game, here we go

I was hoping that little Mr would have been a little tired, just a little, after our journey out and play at the museum. Hope and reality are always on opposing sides, I feel, apart from the odd truce.

Tonight, bedtime was 8:30pm which was surprising as he got up quite early. He was a little energy bunny, even after a relaxing bath. Which is probably why he didn’t go to sleep until 10pm. Knackered… but time to do some bits needed before the morning – and maybe start on an affiliate website I am testing the water of.

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