Daily Diary - 14th April 2018

6am wake-up - on a Saturday... Noooo

Being woke up too early on a Saturday morning

You don't really have the chance to plan wake-up times with kids. They decide that, when they have woken, you are supposed to be awake. At least, that is what little Mr decides. So, at 6am today, on a Saturday, I got up.

Breakfast was made and eaten. TV was put on and I kind of chilled out in the chair, with a snooze or two I do believe.

Couldn't do too long though as today was going to be a busy day. When I woke at 6am (I have to keep saying that) it was misty, foggy even. As the morning went on though, it cleared to a lovely, bright, blue sky day.

A sneaky carvery

We had plans today. We were going to pop to the Air Museum in Bournemouth, then pop over to pick up our summer passes for Adventure Wonderland (we think this may be the last year of doing them - though it's like the 4th year now).

Before we would do that though, we needed to eat lunch. Everyone was bored with the idea of a sandwich - so I suggested that today was the last day of kids eat for a £1 at Toby. So we decided it was going to be a nice big roast lunch. As it turned out, we got there about 11:50am, just 10 mins before they served. So we had very fresh cooked meat and veg - lovely. Plates finished by all of us.

Off for some fun

When done, and obviously deserts. We headed off to have some fun. First, we popped into the air museum. They had a birthday thing going on so it was quite busy. We did our usual (all preparation for August). Then popped into some of the other exhibits.

Once one, we walked over to Adventure Wonderland - it was the first visit since last September or so. One downside is that 2 of the rides little Mr used to like were off. The park was also closed at the moment - because of the bad weather we have had. We did see though that they have torn down the old park and added all new fun things to do.. They are looking forward to going soon and getting on them.

We did a few rides. Pirate ship a couple of times. Runnerway train. We wandered around the maze. Went on a few other rides. Spent a couple of hours there. But then about 3:30pm we decided to head off - off to Costa that is.

As the day had been lovely and quite warm, we all wanted to finish off the day with a Costa visit. Kids love the cold drinks - so does the wife. I had a Mocha - only as the cold drink I love that they do wasn't there - yet.

Then after a bit of shopping.

Home, dinner, bath and bed

When we got back, the kids were hungry. So not so little Miss and little Mr ate. Then it was time for a bath, something he loves but is getting a bit overconfident in and very cheeky with water splashing. It also overstimulates him, so once done we have to let him play for some time.

My wife was going out with a friend to the cinema so I let little Mr play quite late today. 9:30pm I decided it was time for bed, so I took him up. He was asleep before 10pm - woohoo - early morning and busy day..

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