Daily Diary - 13th March 2018

Tuesday, how I love tueszzzzz,,,,

I didn’t want to wake up today

Tuesday, 2nd day of the week. How to point out the obvious... Little Mr woke me up at about 6:50am today, so, after a kick from my wife too, I got up, went downstairs and did breakfast for the kids.

Then it was a cup of coffee and a relax in the armchair while they ate. Next thing I know, not so little Miss put her YouTube shows on... Ah, Roblox and Minecraft in the morning.

About 7:30am it was time for the kids to get ready for school, so I helped little Mr get ready. Once ready it was a little more chill TV time until the school walk at 8:30am. Then it was time for me to head off to work, again, the least favourite part of the day 🙂

Time shot by today

Today the time seems to have shot by. The last day or two I have been quite busy at work, so it shot by. That said I managed to do a post on another new site I have started to put together on Home Office Design Ideas.

Then it was time to go home

Soon it was 5:30pm and time for me to walk up to the car and go home. The walk adds 20 minutes onto my journey, but to park closers its silly amount each month. So I utilise the free parking and walk for exercise.

When I got back today, not so little Miss was at Karate, and little Mr was in a happy playful mood. I though ‘he won’t be like that when its bedtime’ 🙂

He played for a while with my wife and then it was time for change and bed. Bedtime was at 7:45pm tonight, after a little playtime, and he nodded off at 8:30pm so obviously tired. Gave me time to do some bits, even think up some more post subjects - for many of the sites 🙂

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