Daily Diary – 13th January 2018

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Saturday is Tiswas

That used to be my theme tune to remember for Saturday’s – one that I certainly miss. These days, the theme of the day is ‘Get up dad. Breakfast dad’. Today it was in stereo. Kid’s got me up nice and early, 7am on a Saturday .. where my sleep in.

Breakfast done, not so little Miss goes back upstairs (like a teenager) with the tablet while little Mr watches some shows on TV. Gave me chance to clean up. If you only realised that being a parent, foremost, is about cleaning up constantly 🙂

Karate day for not so little Miss

10am and not so little Miss was getting ready for her Karate lesson. They don’t have them every Saturday, but today was one the 1 for this month. Gave me time to, clean up and get online and check out some twitter and posts.

Then out for a bit of shopping

Today was quite a slow day really. After not so little Miss came back from Karate it was lunchtime. Then off to do the weekly shopping. Not the most interesting to report and talk about, but one of those things that has to be done really. Not every day can be exciting, not that we have many exciting days.

Home, play bed

Getting home it was dinner and with our fussy kids, it was a different meal for each. Of course, little Mr was being a bit of a fussy one and ate everything but the best bits. After dinner, little Mr wanted to have a bit of tickle play. He loves to try and get past me as I try and grasp and tickle him. He loves the tumble/tickle play. For us its trying to tire him out a little. He has too much energy.

Bedtime was 8pm tonight and it must have worked as he was asleep by 9pm. There was a few fun and games but it was quick. What it did give me though was a little time checking out some posts. I do love checking out the latest blog posts for everyone.

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