Daily Diary - 13th December 2017

Have you ever woken up feeling like you haven't really slept much? What am I saying, I am sure everyone will say yes to that - well last night was one of those nights where I woke every hour or so.

Then, I woke up with an ache in the right side of my jaw - seems the cold I have must have decided that today it was going to target that side. Really started the day off well.

I don't mind the isolation of working from home

I know many people talk about, how when working from home, they miss the daily interaction with others. I don't find that. I do see my wife popping into my office room, but I actually love it when the house is empty. I'm not sure if it was every day that I'd feel the same.

Today, during working from home, it was a mixture of this - well that and some calls to a conference line. Today was a nice, quiet day which meant I got a few things done - well between the calls.

Bathtime for the kids

It was bath time for little Mr. tonight, he does love his baths. He loves splashing and making sure everything is bathed of course, I usually come out of the room with wet socks, trousers, t-shirt, etc. Water just seems to go everywhere - but thats kids baths for you.

Bedtime tonight

Well, lets just say it wasn’t a smooth operation. Little Mr. decided that it wasn’t bedtime, he decided that he was going to have a little meltdown again. At the moment, especially as he’s non-verbal and can’t tell us why, we’re trying to figure out what has changed to start these issues.

We’ll figure it out - but until then we maybe have a few other fun nights. We finally got him to bed and to sleep though, so thats all that matters.

What else have I done today...

So, a few weeks ago I tweeted out that, I wanted to stretch what I do and create a link page, a page where people can link their new posts and also use the linky on Twitter to share. Today I have created a scheduled post for Friday, along with a service (paid though) that should all people to add their links to my posts. Then voting will open so that others can vote on their favourites. 

I’m really excited to push this as links are always a useful thing and I’m opening up a page each week for people to do that. Only thing is, the badge I created needs to be added to that post to link back.

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