Daily Diary - 13th April 2018

Friday 13th - yikes.

What could go wrong today?

Well, it's ?????? ???? yet again. One of the days full of superstition. I was just hoping not to get hit with anything 🙂

Turns out, we would get a slight sleep in today, little Mr didn't get up until 7:45am - woohoo. Maybe he was a bit wary of the day too. So, I got up, made breakfast and all that. Today I was working from home as my wife had to take my daughter for an appointment.

Always nice to work from home.

In my office, I go

So, my work run today consisted of me walking upstairs to my office room. I did have my door open to listen for any issues happening - little Mr these last few days has been a bit of a handful. They knew I was home though...

My wife took our daughter to her appointment and I looked after little Mr. Then when home we had a little lunch.  In the afternoon she took them down the park while I worked, which was nice.

From them straight to get some lunch. Funny that she spent £20 on some healthy salad stuff, cooked chicken etc - then said we could have had a nice takeaway for that. Well, least it was healthy.

Karate night

After dinner not so little Miss got ready for Karate and my wife took her. I was looking after little Mr who was into everything again. Lately, he's been trying to get into everything. He does one thing, then as your cleaning, he's making another mess.

The got back from Karate at 7pm tonight (regular weeks its 8pm). Good timing really though as it was time to give little Mr some supper and point him towards his bed. It was 7:50pm when he went to bed. It took a couple of house for him to nod off though.

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