Daily Diary 12th March 2018

Daily Diary – 12th March 2018

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Monday morning, rise and shine,

It’s rolled around again, Monday

I must admit that this morning I partly woke up in a daze. I was thinking ‘is it Monday morning?’. Then I realised that it was, in fact, 6:30am on Monday and the thought of work.

Still, I got up and went to do the kids their breakfast. We had some nice fruit toast in so they enjoyed some of that. Little Mr also had some cereal. Once finished it was chill time for 30 minutes, well it was still only 6:30am 🙂

Dressed, school and work

Soon it was time to get little Mr ready for school, and off went not so little Miss to her bedroom to get ready too. We were all early and ready before time today – well, we did get up early after all.

It was soon time to do the school walk and for my wife to take in little Mr. Then, it was time for me to go to work – boo…

Busy day

It was quite a busy day again today at work. That does make the time go quicker after all – partly because you don’t have time to think. Soon it was time to go home – happy times.

Walked back to my car and drove back to a hectic house. Little Mr was not happy – we weren’t sure why. He had a meltdown before I got home and continued being a little bit off his usual self. We’re out sure if something set him into a spiral at school today – but whatever it was, whenever it was, it erupted this evening.

Eventually, he calmed, and we decided to get him to bed early. So, he went up to bed at 7pm. Even though he was extremely tired by the looks of it, it took him till 8:30pm to finally give in. Today has been one of those days where he has had some change in routine or some other thing to set him off, but tomorrow is another day.

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