Daily Diary - 12th January 2018

It's FRIDAY!!!

It's currently my favourite day of the week, Friday. That said, today I worked from home as I seemed to have twisted or something strange through the night as strained a muscle in my left chest? Not sure how it happened but there you go. Getting old I think.

Little Mr woke me up this morning by climbing onto the bed, and sitting on my forehead? Well, that's certainly one way to wake me up. Could have been worse, could have had a pop to go with it. So, I got up and walked downstairs and made his breakfast at 6:45am. Was 7:30am before not so little Miss get up.

Still, we were running early today and they were out on time - school runs completed.

Home to work

Then it was back home to work. Hidden in my office upstairs while my wife pottered downstairs. We had someone out today to do a valet on our washing machine (something included in a package we bought) - it's amazing as only takes 5 minutes. They just clean out the bit where the washing powder/liquid goes. Still, we bought the package for the 5-year guarantee so that valet was a bonus.

I seemed to go from one issue to another today and never got what I wanted to be done? Always the same. Still, had my QC35's on and drowned out the world...

Then, the kids were home

Soon the wife had picked up the kids and they were home. The silence was broken, though only heard bits as still had music pumping in my eardrums - got noise cancellation.

Dinner was homemade curry - yum. Though the kiddies turned their noses up. Not so little Miss did eat some, but little Mr ate his naan bread and a little bit of the chicken. Being fussy tonight. So, he went off and had a little toast later.

Time for the bedtime rock

7:30pm rocked around and I thought, maybe time to try getting little Mr off to bed. Not so little Miss was out doing Karate so it meant we had 30 more minutes of quiet before they rocked back through the doors. I knew it was ambition at trying to get him to bed before 9:30pm - but I like a challenge every night. So tonight, that challenge started at 8:30pm when I put him to bed and finished playing his games and nodded off at 9:30pm.

Bonus as meantime to have some quality adult time - drinks and cuddles... Excellent end to the day.

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