Daily Diary – 12th December 2017

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Have you ever had one of those days when you think ‘I should have just stayed home’? I know at least one person just said ‘yes, every day’ ?

Today for me was a ‘I should have just stayed home’ day

I decided to venture into the office today, back from my sick day yesterday and still getting over my cold from the weekend.

Still quite full of cold, I should have just stayed home really. Not the best day, with my head feeling full of cotton wool and my sinus running (I say sinus as it was nose, eyes and mouth full and running. Not a pleasant site to view I cam say.

I should have just stayed home. I made it through the day though. The good thing is that, the team leader here in the UK said to me that if I still feel a little off tomorrow – then work from home.

Bedtime fun

I thought we were going to have an easy bedtime the way little Mr. was when I got him home, I picked him up from my wife as she waited for not so little Miss. to finish her Karate.

When it came time to goto bed he started to have a little meltdown. Though it didn’t last too long really, although he didn’t goto sleep. I popped into his room around 10pm to check on him and he looked up and smirked at me. That said, by 11pm he had gone to sleep so that was good.

All in all, not a bad day

Other than still having the cold and the beginnings of a potential long bedtime routine – it only tool a couple of returns to the bed, showing the bed card and time for the day to end as not a bad day.

Tomorrow I just have to try and rest a little more and get this cold out of my system…

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