Daily Diary 12th April 2018

Daily Diary – 12th April 2018

In by Sean

It’s your 6am wake-up call…

Up but not with it

This morning little Mr decided it was a ‘get you up at 6am’ wake-up call. Just me mind, as everyone else got to sleep in till nearly 8am. So, I went downstairs, made his breakfast and all that. Crashed out in the chair and let the morning come to me.

Once done, he played a little. Not Karate camp today or tomorrow, it finished yesterday, so nobody else had to be up. It came to a point though that I had to wake others up.

Ready then work

So, once everyone was up, I got ready and went to work. As it went, work was quite busy on and off so the day went quite quick. My wife and the kids visited me at lunchtime so that was a nice break.

Then it was time to go home, which is always the best part of the working day.

Little Mr on one today

The last few days, little Mr has been quite demanding and then playing up. We think it’s probably down to being off school for a few weeks – not long to go. This evening he was being quite cheeky and naughty – drinking juice then spitting it out. He was also being difficult for bed. I originally took him up at 7:30pm and he was jumping about, playing up. He came back down for 10 minutes at 9pm but went back up at 9:10pm. Still being cheeky and trying to push his luck, he eventually nodded off at 10pm. Phew…

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