Daily Diary - 11th January 2018

I woke up this morning and thought ‘Today is Thursday - Woop”. Well, actually I woke up by being pushed out of bed by my wife and pulled out by the kids wanting their breakfast…

The routine, its the routine

So, we have a routine in the morning. Little Mr gets up and the first thing he want is to go downstairs and have his breakfast. Now, he may change the routine from time to time if he gets up really early - but on a general day, this is the routine.

If I'm ready for it or not, this is the routine 🙂

Today was no exception - other than the pushing me out of bed and pulling me out... Just 5 more minutes 🙂

Kids done, school run

Breakfast done, kids ready done, in school done. Work Boo... Well, at least it was Thursday. To be honest, it seemed to go quite quick - or at least I can't remember much of what I did today. Work is work and I never talk about work (partly as I am not supposed to anyhow).

Home to a hearty dinner

Today we had a delivery from MuscleFood. We thought we'd give it a tryout - so today I got home to a hearty meal. This first taste was good - we have some other mean to try. I'll let you know how it goes (by the way, this is not a paid advert - we really did try it and I just wanted to share the link).

Time had come for the bedtime fun

After dinner, there was time for a game or two with little Mr before bed. Though, as I often say, bedtime seems to be a game for him too. He went up and 7:30pm, and after numerous put back, he finally nodded off at, unsurprisingly, at 9:15 - he seems to usually go to sleep anytime from around 9:15pm onwards.

Still, now I have time to do a little update or two to my sites ya.

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