Daily Diary - 11th February 2018

Nice day, not nice day, nice day!

Too early for a Sunday

Little Mr decided to wake us up around 6:45am this morning - that's way too early for a Sunday in my opinion 🙂

So, having been jumped on till I got up, I went downstairs and did his breakfast. My wife went back to sleep (not jealous) and not so little Miss didn't bother to come down for breakfast. So, after he was finished, I helped him change then sat dosing in the armchair while he watched TV and played.

That is until my wife came down around 8am'ish.

Changed then out

As the weather looked really nice out, we got ready and popped out to the Air Museum - for that practice. Little Mr really wasn't in the mood for it when we got there.

Then, all of a sudden, the blue sky went grey and we were getting some small hail? This went on for 10 or so minutes, then the blue sky came out again? Left us confused.

Once finished, we headed over to Tesco, not that you know it but it was the one with the Costa next to it 😉

Well, we had to do some shopping, but nothing said that can't have a cheeky Costa Coffee before. Especially seeing just over £8 of the cost came off my Costa points - bargain.

Then back home to prepare

So, coffee done, check. Straight into Tesco for some shopping. This took around 30 minutes and over £50 from the pocket. Then it was home to do a few bits, then get dinner started.

I don't really get quiet time when doing dinner, little Mr keeps popping in to keep an eye on me. But its probably the most time I spend in the kitchen in the week.

Once eaten it was time for little Mr to have his bath. We like to get him in and out and have over an hour for him to settle before bed - he stims in the bath so his energy is up. So, we were a little later today - which meant we had to adjust bedtime a little.

Little Mr went up to bed at 8:15pm, we gave him a little time after bath to get it out of his system. Best was, he was asleep by 9:15pm so we can have some downtime to watch some TV and rest before tomorrows whirlwind play. Schools out for a week, so we expect some issues with the change in schedule.

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