Daily Diary - 11th December 2017

Today I’ve been full of cold

So today, as the header suggests, I’ve been full of cold. Not the best start tot he week I can tell you. At least little Mr. and not so little Miss. are feeling well, especially seeing its the last week of school.

Now, I realize I’ve probably just jinxed us now by saying that - but little Mr. had a bit of a crappy weekend and it could be that he had some slight illness or something then; I’m just hoping I’m not up in the middle of the night cleaning up sick 🙂

He slept well last night

On another note, he did sleep well all last night, tonight we’re hoping for the same again. However, bedtime tonight was a meltdown scenario time.

So, it was the 'back downstairs for a little while' routine to get him to calm down, then bring him back up to his bedroom when he had settled down, so that he can lie down and sleep. Eventually, he finally gave in to sleep, so that was good.

Often wonder why he can have these from time to time - we haven't seen anything out of the ordinary today unless it was a break of routine at school that has built up?

In other news

Just to tech this up a little. I have spent a little time this weekend looking at cryptocurrency. Some may have read that this at the moment is one of my techie projects - to try and understand. Having searched though, I have found there is one that can still be mined with a CPU and GPU. I’m not sure how profitable it is, so what I am thinking is that I will see if you can build a cheaper rig (GPUs) that can mine at a rate that brings in any profit. I reckon it would be - spend £150 (if I can get the right cards on eBay) and maybe make £15 a month 🙂

In case your wondering and interested, the coin I am mining using only CPU and GPU is called Monero and using the MinerGate Site and App. (by the way, that link is an affiliate link which costs you nothing - at this moment it's free to join and mine)

This though is just a personal project for fun, kind of like what I have bought the Pi 3 for.

And that… concludes this entry

I think I’ve talked enough now. This is a nice entry for me to look back on and say, did I do that or not - kind of what a diary entry is for really. The good thing is, I can get to bed on time now tonight, without little Mr. being awake (fingers crossed) - and let's hope he doesn’t wake...

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