Daily Diary - 11th April 2018

I think little Mr is starting to get bored of the holiday.

As the alarm went off...

As the alarm went off this morning, not so little Miss was on her way in to make sure we were awake. Today was the 3rd and last day of her karate easter camp/club. She was obviously eager to go. Little Mr was even only just waking up.

So, I got up, went downstairs, did their breakfast and made a coffee. Certainly, important things to do in the morning. Also, its Wednesday (hump day), so it was a matter of getting over the day and onwards towards a weekend where I won't be working.

Got little Mr ready. Got myself ready. Then they were off to the karate day and I was off to work.

And the day went sllloooww

The problem is, sometimes, that days can go slow. When they do, you try to find things to do to speed them up. I listened to an audiobook - not a good one. I jumped into 2-3 things to work on. Lots and lots of things to try and make the day go faster. It still went semi-slow but soon it was over.

So, walked up the road, got in my car, got stuck behind some awful drivers. Eventually got home just in time to sort out a bath for little Mr. He loves his baths, but he makes a right mess. He sploshed up and down for around 20 minutes in the end while I helped and watched over. Eventually, it was time for him to get out though.

Baths give him stimulation, he likes the water. So, when he gets out he's on a bit of a silly hyper mood. Took me a few minutes to get him dried and dressed. Then he was off downstairs to cause mayhem.

Destruction then bed

He spent about an hour being a destructive little one, into everything. We gave him a little supper and then it was bedtime, 8:30pm tonight as he has to get the silliness out of him after a bath. It was 9:45pm when he finally got off to sleep. Phew.

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