Daily Diary - 10th January 2018

Lots to do...

Today was always going to be a busy day. A big part of that was that we had our second visit to the paediatrician with not so little Miss.

So, kids up. Check. Kids ate breakfast. Check. Kid ready for school. Check. I did the school run with little Mr but traffic today was just terrible. Which is a pain when you're trying to get home so at to log onto work.

Still, school drop.  Check.

I love working from home

The great thing about working from home is - that - I'm not constantly pestered or having to look over my shoulder. If my wife sends me a message, I feel the tuts as I look at my phone. It's not that everyone doesn't do it but... Anyhow, worked from home today and none of that. Even had my twitter feed running on the other monitor - though that Windows Twitter client still only handles 140 characters - yuck.

Midday we went off to not so little Miss's appointment. They were running late, of course, so took further 20 minutes before got in. 45 mins appointment which not so little Miss was moaning about wanted to go and get back to school. Another appointment talked about at end of the year. Check.

Dropped her back off at school. check.

Back to work then

Then it was back into my home office for work... and Twitter feed. Rest of afternoon was just, the usual, boring work stuff. Nothing really to talk about.

Do I change my theme again?

The other thing I was thinking about was 'should I change my theme framework again - back to Divi?' I even created a local copy of my site and was testing. The jury is still out on that one, it's really about trying to set up whats on my main page and separate out my daily diary posts. Still thinking on if I can do in Thesis easily...

Working from home, the day goes quicker

It was soon time for the kids to come home, then time for me to finish work. It was nice actually having some dinner with them as opposed to much later on my own, like a normal weekday.

Once eaten, time to get baths and showers done. It was very soon bedtime really - amazing how quick the day can go. 7:45pm and little Mr went up to bed... Time for the nightly game. Soon it had gone 9pm with him finally nodding off at 9:20pm.

It's a long road ahead still - hoping to have a destination of some sort soon - hopefully snoozeville.

I did get some stuff done

On a different subject, I figured out how to add custom posts to the Thesis Theme. I wrote a Thesis Theme tutorial on my other site. Unfortunately, though, I found out that it doesn't work with the bought skin I use here. Still thinking about going to Divi and trying that - I want to try and feature these daily posts on their own... Will see how that journey goes. For another time maybe.

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