Daily Diary – 10th February 2018

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Come to me Mr Waffle and Ice Cream so I can eat you all up!

I did not want to wake up today

Last night I fell asleep early, which meant I woke up at around 12:30am and couldn’t sleep again til about 2am. It’s annoying, but its how my body works – I’m a terrible sleeper which is probably where little Mr gets it from. So, this morning at 7:30am when little Mr was trying to wake us, I did not want to have to get up. But we did.

Kids had some breakfast and juice and then got ready. Not so little Miss had her yearly eye test today – there is a change in her prescription; she only needs a very slight prescription and can do without for most things – though they want her to wear them as they want to remove all need of glasses in the future.

Once back it was out again

When they got back from that, we all got ready and went down to Poole town. We had a few places to visit – but we started up going to a place called Sprinkles for an early lunch, well about 11:30am. I had a lovely waffle and ice cream with brownie, banana and few other bits – with some cream on the side. I did save an image for you guys to check out

IMG 20180210 113213

We love going to this place, well the company – though we don’t actually do it that often – maybe couple times a year. Its a good job really because having this all the time would be bad 🙂

Then shopping

After this, it was on shopping. We had to get some socks for kids, few leggings, trousers and so on. I pick up some new Calvin Klein Obsessed for myself and some YSL Black Opium for my wife. Little Mr also had some new trainers – so was a busy and expensive shop really. All things needed though, well kind of.

Once done we headed home, it was a wet day so not really one to stay out much.

When home, the kids had fun playing while we did the usual housework. I did manage to get another post done on my new site over at Male Grooming Sets – which is a new Amazon Affiliate site I am working on. I’ve been trying out a few of late, seeing what excites me, learning the ins and outs. It’s a little different from blogging here for example. It’s coming together.

Dinner and bed

Soon it was dinner time, the day goes quickly when having fun and not in work. Once eater I got little Mr changed and ready for bed. I took him up to bed at 7:15pm and he was asleep by 8:40pm – bonus time.

Now time to catch up on some Netflix.

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