Busy Family Weekend - 30th August 2020

I did say, when I restarted, these attempted daily blogs, that I may not be able to do every day. I did not want to commit to such a schedule as I know life gets in the way.

This weekend is a great example. My wife's sister and nephew came down to visit so there has been lots going on.

Parks, walks and eating out

One of the things that we like to get out and about to do when they are down is going to parks and walks. My wife's nephew (who is also diagnosed with ASD) doesn't enjoy walking so much - which is the opposite to little Mr as he loves walking. So, when it comes to walking - they need to be short and have something else there, like parks, to do.

One of the good things about living on the coast is there is lost to see and do. This time around we didn't do any beach visits as it's a busy time of the year - but we do like to when it is quieter. This time around it was more about the parks and some fair rides.

Looking at another role

Something more personal for me was looking at a recent offer. I have only recently started a new role - but a previous company I worked for for years has offered me something. I was previously there for 6 years and only got made redundant from the department I was in last year. However, this is a different role and department and suites what I like. It also pays much better and has great perks.

So, I was taking a read through the offer and making my life choice. To be honest, ever since leaving there I've found it difficult to settle in another role as each, although they always seem good, never have the same benefits.

Bank holiday tomorrow

So, that has been my weekend. Tomorrow is a bank holiday and the end of the eat out scheme. So, I'm thinking about a family Starbucks day... Coffee and panini or cake or both. But, I am sure you all will have to wait till tomorrow to find out about that. But, that is something for tomorrow.

Now, though, it is time to settle in for the night...

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