Almost Mist Updating - 27th August 2020

This may be a much shorter post today as I find myself a tad on the busy side. Already half the day seems to have past.

Part of the blur may be because little Mr decided not to go to sleep until after midnight. I also missed doing any of my ReactJS learning - something I need to do for work.

But I find myself now 3 meetings into the day with more to go... This evening not so little Miss is supposed to have a meetup with new classmates - though I'm not sure that will happen due to rain... we will soon see.

No such luck for time

As several hours have gone by, I found myself with even less time to update. Now it's time to get little Mr to sleep - though as per usual he isn't. I'm also trying to work to get a premium plugin working on this site and also trying to do some ReactJS. So, it's been a busy day and looks like busy night...

Maybe more time tomorrow.

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The Autism Dada

I just wanted to say welcome to my site. I like to share a little of my life with you in the hopes that, if you are ever wandering about a question I have asked myself - I hoped to have shared my answer to that.

I also like to just share the positivies of life with a ASD child - to show there are many. So, please do reach out if you want to chate.

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