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Daddy, I need an Xbox One

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Around a week ago my daughter turned round to me and said

Daddy, I need a XBox One

‘You need an XBox One?’ I replied. I like to reply with the question…


‘What for’

I want to play Rocket League

How this conversation started…

For a while now we have only streamed TV; that’s a post for another day. As part of that, the obvious one is YouTube; which is something my daughter has recently taken a big interest in.

She loves to watch gaming videos. In particular, gaming videos made by kids around her own age, or just slightly older. With the exception of one rather big kid.

Anyhow, for a lot of these, the games they play are Roblox which is a free to play; though with the emphasis on buying in-game money to spend. We don’t buy in-game money… this can be played on a PC, so this didn’t interest her in the Xbox One.

One of these channels though played this game, Rocket League, in a few videos. She watched and liked the look of this game. So, when she found that it was being played on the Xbox One – Can I have an Xbox One question came out.

The answer is no!

My answer, a certain no. We don’t have the spare cash lying around to buy a new console such as this plus the game. Such a cost, especially as the only interest at the moment is this one game.

I had a solution though. This game, which I won’t repeat the name of again…, can be bought for the PC. In fact, on Steam it cost only £14.99. Probably like £200 more or less than the first alternative. It looks the same, will play the same (at least on my main PC) and is… MUCH cheaper.

Ok, so after buying I found that the old USB controller I had for my PC was broken. So I ended up buying a new controller too. Cost £15… Total cost £30… Rocket League on Amazon (that’s an affiliate link by the way) cost £19.99 at the time of this post; XBox One on Amazon (another affiliate link) is £199.99 at the time of this post. You can see the cost savings.

She loved it

By the way, she loved the game. In fact, the controller gave her the same response and rumble as if on the console. Graphics looked the same. Game played the same (I have a good spec on PC). No console required.

I think the moral is; there is always a cheaper alternative – but only as long as it’s as good that no difference can be seen.

Have you ever bought a console just for one game? If so, why not leave a comment below on what it was and why.


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