Scottish Strategy For Autism

Consultation opens for final phase of Scottish Strategy for Autism

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Although I don’t live in Scotland, I have to say that I found this story quite interesting (probably partly because some of my family does live in Scotland – and partly because of little Mr.). I feel that, although we have moved forward some way in the understanding of Autism in both society, the Government and industry, there is still some way to go. That is just my personal opinion.

So, it seems that the Scottish Government is looking to refresh their strategy for Autism and also to identify what the Scottish Government and their local authorities should do to help improve the support and services they offer for people diagnosed with ASD.

Now I don’t know the current strategy, because I don’t live there, but I have to say that any forward motion in improving such a strategy is a very positive move forward.

So what information is being fed into this strategy

What they are saying is that it is important that this updated strategy includes what people diagnosed with ASD and their families feel are key issues to be addressed. To gather info on this they are asking, it seems, is for people to fill out a five question questionnaire. Now, the article that I was reading over on The National Autistic Society does have information on what these questions are, they’r listed. They are quite broad – I suppose they want to try and gather as wider list of answers as possible.

As an example, here is what they have listed as question 1:

Question 1: How can we ensure autistic people and their families enjoy healthier lives?

The post also, helpfully, gives a list of some things to answer for these quests. Things you may want to take into consideration before answering. These type of questions surely take a little time to think through – I mean, how can you sum up an answer to a question like that. I could probably write a whole essay 🙂

I however, do personally feel that this is a very positive step. It show’s use that todays Government is taking a note of the diverse needs of people that have been diagnosed on the spectrum and their families too.

The deadline, it says, for this is 29th November 2017 and answers can be submitted online so, i you live in Scotland its easy to get your say – but limited in time. I look forward to if anything like this

There are also links in the article to an overview of the strategy and the full strategy. If you interested, even if you don’t live in Scotland (like me) then why not go over and take a look for yourself.

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