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So, this weekend we decided to pay a visit down to Bournemouth town, somewhere I’ve not been for about 9 months.

The reason for the visit was, well, three fold. First thing was, my daughter wanted to spend some of her Birthday money (well, her birthday isn’t until the end of the week but she had some pre-birthday money from grandparents).

Kids by Tree

Kids by Tree

The second reason was, now, as its heading to Christmas time, they have the Christmas huts up. So, this is basically little stalls that are put up in rows of wooden huts. They sell many things, gift and so on, that you can give for Christmas.

Finally, the third thing was, that, we can go and see the Christmas lights in the gardens in the town.

Trees Light Up

Trees Light Up

More Trees Light

More Trees Light

Light Up Bushes

Light Up Bushes

The previous few years of lights in Bournemouth

So, at least for the past 2 years, at Christmas in Bournemouth gardens they have the lightboxes. Well, they have the lightboxes and they have an ice ring.

Bourmemouth Lightbox 2014

Bournemouth Lightbox 2014

For reference, the above is one from Christmas 2014.

So, these really make for an interesting and enjoyable display. Each one had different lights, effects and each one was really interesting.

However, they don’t seem to be down there this year. Instead, there were just some few lights on the trees. A truly disappointing affair. I have to say that the ice ring is still there, in fact, this year they have two – one which is designed for smaller children to enable them to have less buzzing past.

The Ice Ring

The Ice Ring

Ice rings aside, I feel let down, as I say, about the lights. Now, it may be that in the next month, more lights will appear. It may be some other display will be put up, maybe even the boxes. If they are then we will be down again, seeking them out and taking the photos. I truly hope this is the case – I’d hate to think that a down on the South Coast of the UK, a town that is for tourists, I’d hate to think they were not doing much for Christmas.

My Random Musings

I recently came across the following quote

“If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.”
― Maya Angelou

This is my new goal in life. Not to conform to be normal, but to be amazing and I hope to inspire you to be amazing too.

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