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Checking out other peoples blogs

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We all do it. We compare ourselves to others. We compare ourselves to those that are successful and we compare ourselves to those new blogs we find. We all do it and we just can’t help but do it as we either want to find out what is that winning spark or have validation that our design is good.

So, what blogs do I check out?

There really are too many blogs to list, at least too many I check out to list. This post would just be them alone. The majority are parenting and lifestyle blogs – especially around special needs and autism. However, we do have 2 kids and, at least at the moment, both are not ASD diagnosed. So I love to read how others deal with their older kids moods – to gain insight into our 9 years old going on 18.

There are so many great bloggers out there

It’s amazing how many great bloggers are out there. Many have been blogging for years, though there are some fantastic newcomers (me withstanding) out there that I have come across. Some great times, ideas. Some of them have led to posts of my own.

That is a great tip really. Check out what people are posting about as it can trigger some new ideas of your own. I’ve managed to create a few posts now that have been sparked by things I have read. Mainly about my take on what was said – both positive and negative. I think many of us get inspired to talk about things we’ve heard and read.

Design not the biggest worry

The other thing I have learnt is that site design is not the biggest worry. I have seen some fantastic sites out there, but I have also seen some award-winning bloggers with not so great sites. These are people that have won awards for their great content.

Site design, being pretty, is not the biggest thing. I do believe it needs to be clean and easy to navigate to the posts – but more should be put into getting the posts readable and enjoyable.

On that note. I definitely recommend something I am doing at this moment – something this post will be part of. That is a 30-day blog challenge (this is an Amazon affiliate link – just to let you know). This challenge and the Facebook group associated has given me some inspiration and a definite goal to achieve. Even if you don’t do this challenge I recommend writing lots of posts, to begin with, for you to practice writing posts. Practice makes perfect, well there is not a real perfect, but close enough.

In conclusion

I always feel like writing an in conclusion but never do. Anyhow, in conclusion – checking out other bloggers and their blogs can give you inspiration. You can meet a fantastic new group of online likeminded friends. The best thing though, is, that you are supporting someone else that is just like you – just by reading their blog.

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