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Our Christmas day walk

In Days Out by SeanLeave a Comment

We have a little tradition we started after we moved down to the South Coast. It goes like this, Christmas day we have the presents when they wake up. We have a nice breakfast, we have our Christmas day lunch (lunch time) and this is followed by a lovely walk …

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Christmas lights disappointment

In Days Out by Sean3 Comments

So, this weekend we decided to pay a visit down to Bournemouth town, somewhere I’ve not been for about 9 months. The reason for the visit was, well, three fold. First thing was, my daughter wanted to spend some of her Birthday money (well, her birthday isn’t until the end …

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We went out rock hunting

In Days Out by Sean4 Comments

As strange as it may seem, we actually went out this weekend rock hunting. Let me explain in a little more detail, just so you know we’re not just gone bonkers for rocks. What do I mean by ‘Rock Hunting’ So, what is this rock hunting thing? Let me start …