Daily Diary – 18th March 2018

Daily Diary – 18th March 2018

Wake up to a snow morning.

We got to sleep in

This morning we got to sleep in until 7:50am. I thought we may make 8am , but we didn’t. On getting up I poked my head out of the blind and saw snow on the ground. I had thoughts of it being another snow day…

Went downstairs and did the kids their breakfast. It was supposed to be an advance karate day today, but it got cancelled due to the adverse weather (their words). So, that kind of put off what we had planned for today. We were going to take not so little Miss, then walk up to New Milton town and grab a coffee. However, plans had to change.

And then… the snow melted

As the morning went on, the snow started to melt away – at least on the road, it wasn’t that deep anyhow. In the end, we could have gone over to the karate session – but you never know which way it was heading.

So, not so little Miss finished off her homework. We had lunch and then went up to Waitrose for a coffee and to do a little shopping for dinner.

With successfully grabbing free coffee and the goods we needed, it was a bitterly cold walk back down the road. That walk made us decide that we would be staying in for the rest of the day 🙂

He looks for his desert

A nice Sunday roast today, even though I say so myself after cooking. The funny thing is that little Mr comes into the kitchen after looking for his desert. So, ice cream all round – well Viennetta for us – we do like some of that.

When done, tidy up of little Mr was to get him into his bath. Well, clean up time before school tomorrow (as long as we don’t have lots of snow overnight and they close it of course). He loves his baths, though we usually end up cleaning up a little after – water on the floor etc.

Most people will probably have a routine of bath then bed but for us, it’s a different routine. Bath time gives him too much sensory stimulation to go straight to bed – he loves water. So, once bath was done its an hour of play and music to get his energy out of him.

Soon we were knackered ourselves, so we were happy when it was bedtime. Tonight it was 7:30pm for bedtime. He must have been tired at that point too as he was asleep by 8pm. Means some time to chill out for just me and my wife.. not something that happens often.

Daily Diary – 17th March 2018

Daily Diary – 17th March 2018

I think he’s been storing up his energy!

Middle of the night wakeup

So, little Mr has been ill for the last few days, I mentioned that. As he has just been snoozing for 2 days and going to bed on time, I think he’s been storing up his energy.

Today he woke us up at 3:30am… full of energy really. We ended up bringing him downstairs and let him play. 4:30am we put on the TV. 5am we gave him a little bit of breakfast.

You may have guessed, he never went back to sleep. He was full of energy, we were not 🙂

Everyone up by 7

By 7am everyone was up. No so little Miss had Karate today so after breakfast, she got herself ready. Then she and my wife headed off to that at just after 10am while me and little Mr went out for a walk.

It had been the first time in a few days since he had been out, so he was happy. Though it was a little chilly, to say the least. We walked up the road to the shops, got some bits and came back. I wasn’t going to keep him out for too long.

The radio was talking snow, here potentially from 4am. They were wrong, it actually started to snow at around 12:15pm

And then… the noise began

Not so little Miss came back with my wife, and that’s when it got noisy. Our daughter is not a quiet one for sure, singing is shouting really.

With the weather a little colder, we had a chill afternoon in, well other than a shop trip I had to make. It was time to watch a little TV, listen to some radio and have some play time. Little Mr was certainly feeling better today as he was jumping all over us.

Then at about 4:30pm he crashed out on the sofa – early morning wake-up catching up.

We are not vegetarians here and at dinner time it was steak and chips – some sausages for little Mr. He’s not really eating still at the moment so that went without a bite – though part of that may be because we had to wake him. Then at 6pm or so he wanted something, so he had some cereal.

The problem with him having a sleep was he got re-energised. He continued to be a cheeky little boy and play way into the evening. It turned out to be a late one as it was 10pm before he finally went to bed. Though, that turned out to be a good thing as he was flat out by 10:20pm even with all that extra energy.

The snow still falls outside, though its not settled… yet…

Daily Diary – 16th March 2018

Daily Diary – 16th March 2018

Welcome to Friday…

I would have hoped for sleep

With a sick little man, I would have hoped he would have slept in, to recover. No such thing with little Mr. He was up and downstairs around 6:30am. Though he basically moved from his bd down to the sofa and lay down. Once there he was there for the day.

I made him some Weetbix which he had about 5 mouthfuls of. He also drank a little water – well that was a plus from yesterday. So, I filled out the form to say he wouldn’t be in school and let him lay down on the sofa.

Not so little Miss got ready for school and my wife took her in. Then when back home, I headed to the office to get some work done.

Back home for lunch

Come lunchtime, I packed up my bits and headed back home. As little Mr was still not too well and as it was book day at my daughter’s school, I came back so that my wife could go down and walk not so little Miss around the book sale.

It’s nice working from home when it’s lunchtime as I can have a nice warmer lunch. So got back and enjoyed that. Little Mr was a little perkier by then, though still just sitting on the sofa. He had eaten a couple of biscuits and drank some water so on his way up – though wouldn’t take any calpol.

My wife picked up our daughter, did the bookstall (not so little Miss bought a book) and came home. Good job as I was just about to take a call.

Karate night

Work finished and we had some pizza, then it was time for not so little Miss to goto Karate. Meantime me and little Mr chilled to at home. He watched a bit of TV while resting. He didn’t eat his pizza so I made him some more cereal which he ate. I thought he may go to sleep on time tonight, so I brought him up at 7:45pm and he was asleep by 8.

So, that gave us time to rest and chill after another busy day.

Daily Diary – 15th March 2018

Daily Diary – 15th March 2018

I got kicked out of bed for snoring…

I came downstairs at 5…

Basically, I do snore – but apparently last night it was bad – or just the fact that my wife couldn’t sleep through it. So I got woke up at 5am, so I went downstairs and lay down a little. I then got woken up at 6am when little Mr came down and lay on me.

So, we both lay there for an hour or so until I got up to do his breakfast. To my surprise he didn’t go eat it, just lay down. He was looking a little lethargic on the sofa. So we took his temperature and he had a slight temp. So today we going to be a sick day.

Still, not so little Miss got ready and my wife walked her to school.

He mostly slept on and off

Through the morning, little Mr slept on and off. I worked from home as my wife had an appointment or two to attend. It’s a good job I did as he was sick a few times. Well, through the day it was probably about 5 times…

My wife just can’t handle sick. Me, well, when I was a kid it would make me heave but not these days. I can have it on my hands and it just doesn’t phase me – since having kids. To be honest, I’ve been covered in projectile vomit from the kids so many times…

So, I stripped and redressed little Mr around 5 times today. washed a number of blankets and ended up scrubbing the flemmy vomit off one of the sofa cushions – to be washed tomorrow now.

My wife picked up not so little Miss after school and then had to go for a blood test.

I did the dinner

So, I did not so little Miss her dinner and made little Mr some toast, which he started to eat. Great I thought, he also drank some water. Two things he hadn’t done during the day. I took his temp again at that point and it was 39.7c which is a high temp – even our thermometer was ren.

So, called the doctor and we got him in for a late appointment. Him being non-verbal means he can’t tell us much.

My wife got back and we immediately went out again, back to the same place she had just been. We got to see the doc at about 6:45pm in the end. Turns out no infection, at least not one they see, so possibly viral. So, we have to play it as it goes so to speak.

When we got home little Mr ate some cereal, bonus, and drank some water. Then we put him to bed around 8:30pm after we had let the good go down. As he was a little off colour he was asleep by 9pm. We’re just hoping there is no middle of the night wakeup or drama.

After that we chilled out a little, resting from the day we just had.

Daily Diary – 14th March 2018

Daily Diary – 14th March 2018

The dreaded hump day

The bouncing alarm clock

So, I got woke up this morning at just after 6am by a 5-year-old jumping onto my legs. He’s quite a solid boy these days, all muscle it would seem, and it’s one hell of a wake-up call. So, when I had got him to stop sitting on me I got up and we went downstairs for his breakfast. We were followed not long after by not so little Miss.

Early wake-up, early breakfast, early TV programs, and of course it’s the dreaded hump day. Well, it’s not really dreaded, once past it you know it’s all downhill to the weekend. Ya. Though I am working a little of it, boo.

Time to get dressed

It’s amazing how quick the time goes, well before work. Soon it was time to get little Mr ready for school and not so little Miss went off to her room to get ready. Once done it was time for the school walk for me and not so little Miss while my wife too little Mr.

Then I had to goto work. I can’t really talk about work, as you may have noticed, it’s part of my contract. I can say that it was slow today, one of those days it all goes slow. So I was glad when it was 5:30pm so I could go home.

Bathtime, supper and bed

When I got home little Mr was already in the bath. He enjoys his bath and tends to slash a lot. Once done it was time for a little pre-bedtime playtime. Just something light so as not to get him over excited. A little toast for some supper and a little more chill time.

Then it was bedtime. Bedtime tonight was at 8:30pm by the time he had settled, and would you believe it – he was asleep by 9pm. Woohoo…

Daily Diary – 13th March 2018

Daily Diary – 13th March 2018

Tuesday, how I love tueszzzzz,,,,

I didn’t want to wake up today

Tuesday, 2nd day of the week. How to point out the obvious… Little Mr woke me up at about 6:50am today, so, after a kick from my wife too, I got up, went downstairs and did breakfast for the kids.

Then it was a cup of coffee and a relax in the armchair while they ate. Next thing I know, not so little Miss put her YouTube shows on… Ah, Roblox and Minecraft in the morning.

About 7:30am it was time for the kids to get ready for school, so I helped little Mr get ready. Once ready it was a little more chill TV time until the school walk at 8:30am. Then it was time for me to head off to work, again, the least favourite part of the day 🙂

Time shot by today

Today the time seems to have shot by. The last day or two I have been quite busy at work, so it shot by. That said I managed to do a post on another new site I have started to put together on Home Office Design Ideas.

Then it was time to go home

Soon it was 5:30pm and time for me to walk up to the car and go home. The walk adds 20 minutes onto my journey, but to park closers its silly amount each month. So I utilise the free parking and walk for exercise.

When I got back today, not so little Miss was at Karate, and little Mr was in a happy playful mood. I though ‘he won’t be like that when its bedtime’ 🙂

He played for a while with my wife and then it was time for change and bed. Bedtime was at 7:45pm tonight, after a little playtime, and he nodded off at 8:30pm so obviously tired. Gave me time to do some bits, even think up some more post subjects – for many of the sites 🙂