Bye Bye Microwave Oven

Bye bye microwave

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We recently sad “Bye bye microwave”. Today’s society is all about the fast lane. We want it and we want it now. No waiting around. Get that info from our extra fast web. Pop into that quick food joint (take away) and grab some food straight away. There’s even hot water on tap for tea and coffee.

Yes, we want it fast and now. Me, I’m no different. I hate waiting. However, recently we decided to remove some of that quick convenience out of our kitchen. We said bye bye to our Microwave.

Who needs a microwave anyway?

The issue is this. We found that with a microwave we relied more on quick to do food such as microwave meals, beans, soup and other foods we can do in the microwave. Anything really that could be popped into the microwave.

Don’t get me wrong. We probably did spend as much time cooking meals that nuking them. However, we didn’t always cook and that was the point. We wanted to see, to experience a kitchen without a microwave. Hell, as I was growing up there were no microwaves, so this is no different. We wanted to go back to the basics and cook the slow way. Part of us also didn’t want to go out and spend money buying a new one as the old one was on its way out.

So, how did we cook our beans?

It’s amazing. When you take away something convenient like the microwave, you never realize how much you will miss the convenience of it; at least at the beginning. You may buy a ready-made meal, something you would throw in the microwave, but then realize that in the over it take 25 minutes. Quick meals stop being so quick when you can’t put it in a microwave

What it did teach us though is that the time it takes to cook a quick ready-made meal in the oven, you can cook a fresh meal quicker. 25 minutes to cook a ready-made spaghetti meal in the over. It takes around 15-20 minutes to cook a spaghetti from start to finish fresh, or at least thereabout. By the time cooked mince off, boiled pasta added the source and any other veg and so on. It’s tastier too.

We found we started to cook more rather than buy pre-made. We found food was fresher and tastier. We found that the kids seem to eat it more, maybe because we were cooking it to their taste rather than the taste of the pre-made meal.

Some things are just as quick too

Funny thing is; you could use the argument that you keep your microwave to do things like beans or soup. That said, it takes about just as long to cook bean or soup on the hob (give or take a minute for the pan to warm).

You may use your microwave to defrost; we never have; so another thing we didn’t need it for.

In the end, we found that we didn’t miss the microwave at all. It has been about 3 months now and we don’t even think about the microwave anymore. The space that was left by removing it was taken up by a nice new espresso machine, which gets more use and I enjoy it more. The experiment has changed to more of a lifestyle. A microwave free lifestyle. Funny thing is when we recently stayed at Butlins and our room had a microwave. We never even thought about using it.

Do you need a microwave?

If you’re looking to try and live without a microwave, I’d say give it a go. Take it away and put it in the cupboard (we threw ours out). You may find that you use it more than you think or you may find, like us, that you can live without it. Either way, it’s an experiment that is worth trying.

If you try this, let me know in the comments below how you go on. Did you miss it at all, or are you like us and find that life is fine without it.

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  1. Interesting idea. We don’t use ours a huge amount, but it’s pretty useful when it comes to reheating leftovers.

    1. Author

      To be honest, it was amazing how easy it was to adapt. We do hit the odd stumbling block from time to time, where there are sauces that say heat in the microwave in the bag or something similar. But for the most part, conventional oven is fine – even if takes slightly longer.

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