Bye Bye 2017 – A quick retrospective

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The end of 2017 is here

So, another year has passed. 2017 has been a year of changes; probably for most; certainly for us. So, I just wanted to spend a few minutes taking a look back and see what has happened through this year.

I started this blog

For one thing, I started this blog. I originally started it at the beginning of 2017 but never posted too much. So, it was midyear that I decided to really start to get the posts out there. Its been all uphill (or downhill depending on your perspective 🙂  ) from there. This is something I am enjoying doing, sharing our life, challenges, and goals – certainly around little Mr.

This has certainly been a positive thing of the year.

Little Mr. starting his SEN school

Another big change was little Mr. starting at his SEN school. Now, this was only towards the end of the year, as they start in September, but this has been a big positive change. It’s something he is certainly enjoying – at least from the way he pulls you towards his school in the morning.

Little Mr moving forward and learning more

Another positive thing is that little Mr has come on in leaps this year.He is in a place now where he seems to respond more, understand more, is learning with us more. He’s still non-verbal but he definitely knows how to make it known what he wants. We have some more goals to set for next year with the hope that he will continue to come on leaps and bounds.

Work is going well

So, over this year I have progressed in work. To some points, moving on from the tasks I was doing to more lead items. This is difficult for me to let go of the things I did, but to move forward it’s all good.

One goal I did set, which I did not achieve, was to be working for myself. I have another site (as it happens it’s just renewed for 2 years) which was going well – but after some google changes did go down in views. I was hoping to be doing that part-time – but that didn’t happen in 2017 – hoping to do something like that later 2018 – maybe even with this site?

House stuff

We decided to spend a little cash summertime and had all the windows replaced – the windows were old and, although expensive, it was a great investment. On the negative side, one of our ovens went before Christmas. The thing is, house stuff is always changing. We all know things go wrong, cost happens, but its the cost of living – so we all pay it out. We all know other things will happen next year.

We had some great breaks

During this year we went to Butlins a few times. We had some fantastic long breaks there. We have already booked one break there for next year. We’ve also been progressing well with helping little Mr become accustomed to the inside of a plane. This is so, next year, we can make that jump abroad again. Its been 3 years so it will be nice.

2017 and Butlins have been fantastic though. We’ve really enjoyed the breaks we have had and they are great memories.

Overall, its been a great year

So, I know there have been negative things – though not really much that sticks out. I suppose the only things that does is the sleep issues little Mr has. We’re hoping that 2018 will help bring a resolution to this with the appointment we have.

Overall, though, 2017 has been a great year with some great memories made. On this, the last day of 2017, it gives me this time to reflect on what we have done – but also look forward to what we will be achieving. I’m hoping that this blog progresses further, I progress further as a writer and at the same time, I learn more about the Thesis Framework and put in on my new Thesis Theme Tips blog. Writing on both blogs is going to be a challenge I am looking forward too – though this will always be my number 1 blog 🙂

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